Thursday, January 23, 2014

quilt block interpretation & doodlins

I had so much fun doing the granny square piece that I decided to take it another step further and see what I could do with quilt blocks. After charting several different ideas, this is the one I decided to start with, a cross stitched spin on a star block. I'm doing my model in emeralds, but this could be changed up to just about any colorway. (And I've played with a few of them!)

Yesterday's stitching progress...

And a bit of stay-up-late doodling....

I tried to pull this one into PatternMaker, but the lines are too close together. It becomes one muddy mess on the digital graph paper. has given me some other ideas.

Blizzard warning here last night, and there is still a windchill warning today. No where to be until 11pm tonight for my overnight shift, so I think today is going to be all about me and embroidery!

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