Monday, November 4, 2013

something different

In my early days of college, I use to paint abstracts. I used a lot of geometric shapes (triangles were my thing then!) and I deconstructed the shapes, leaving some edges intact, others were disintegrating, some of the shapes melted into the next. I liked the organic feel-- the way the hard bits were melted into softer, more natural elements.

Lately I've been pulled back to quilting and illusion and as I sat down to fiddle with some new design ideas, I found myself in Photoshop manipulating some urban pictures I had taken. Stretching things out, adding filters and so on. The image was then pulled into Pattern Maker and I started to play with flipping squares, deleting bits here and there.  This is the end result. It's actually quite small, which I think, once stitched, will make it quite dynamic.

I'm currently working on a quilt idea and I think that this might work into that. More details as I go!


  1. I'm looking at THIS and thinking about what YARN I have to "match"! :-D
    Actually... "WEDGEWOOD" in the PATONS "Classic Wool" is pretty much an exact match to those blues... And, I think I have some roving yarn in that brown... just saying...

  2. Hmmmm...I'm going to have to look at yarns too. I've got all kinds of things spinning around in my head with this right now. Going to try and whip up some sketches soon!


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