Monday, November 25, 2013

next up....i think....

Still revising and doing some editing, but this I believe, will be the next design I'll be working on.

I am working the overnight at the group home tonight, so I am tweaking this in another window even as I write this post.  I'm looking forward to starting on this. Kind of a departure from some of my other design work, although I've been meandering away from the "comical" stuff for awhile now.  Sometimes a break is needed, and I think that's what my work now is reflecting. Too much of my other 'stuff' was getting repetitive. I've a lot of sketches in various stages of charting, and I am really hoping that I can start 2014 off with a bang. 

I'm also hoping to get my quilt groove on, too.  Going to be working on a quilt for the 2015 National Quilt Museum contest using all my own fabrics.  Super duper pumped 'bout that one.

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