Sunday, November 17, 2013

finally made one to keep for myself...

Finally made a Super-Granny-Square-Blanket and kept it for myself. It's made with a bulky yarn, Loops & Threads Charisma and it's just yummy. I used only the variegated yarns, and just let them work as they would giving me this hodge-podge mix of colors that work perfectly in my hodge-podge bedroom.  


Working on a few new cross stitch designs now, although it has been slow going as I am working way too many hours at the two outside places of employment. Has cut seriously into my creative time, something I am going to have to remedy after the holidays.  But for now, head down, power through, get some financial things in order so that I can play around guilt free!

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  1. well, THAT's one way to *avoid* having to put Squares "together"! ;-}
    LOVE the Tonal mix!


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