Saturday, October 5, 2013

crochet & loom flowers

I'm positively obsessed with my flower loom.  I've been experimenting with old lace and even some bits of ric-rac and quilt binding tape besides the vintage fabric scraps.  A lot of trial and error.  I just completed a set with yarn that I had harvested from a few old sweaters.

I crocheted the yarn into a chain, (a really long chain!) and then wrapped that on the loom and this is the result.  They're incredibly organic in feel, all just a little different. 
They are a wool and acrylic blend.

Finished up another lot of flowers for an artist on Etsy, too.

This group was a mix of loom flowers and my traditional crochet blooms. They are just yummy!

This afternoon I *must* set down the hook and get into PatternMaker and get some new cross stitch things going. I've a stack of sketches that have been nudging me for a couple weeks now. I think they're feeling neglected!

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