Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hoot & Shabby Stuff

Finished up Hoot today, a fun little eclectic owl who has had his feathers dipped in a dozen different colors.  He was a lot of fun to stitch.  Chai tea 28ct. hand dyed jobelan from Wichlet Imports, DMC floss and Kreinik braids.  Stitch count of 92x92 over two threads. 

Also working on these funky little flowers using my clover flower loom. Am having a ball with these. Shabby chic, scraps of cotton fabric torn into strips and wrapped 'round the loom.

Not sure what I'm doing next. Working on a few new designs, but nothing is screaming NEXT! 

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  1. ;-D I clicked in just 23 seconds after you posted! -- Do you think "Blooxting" is a word?
    whatever. Love the Owl! And very cool with the Flowers... BTW, at some future date, I might just "borrow" your photographic-layout... Goodness knows, I've GOT "books"!!
    Anyhoo, I "thought" of you today - in the 10-seconds it took for me to "view. decide. And, BID" on a cross-stitch piece at a Sally-Ann-Auction! -- I'll either be posting it tonight or tomorrow... Was $10. and well framed -- I had to buy Something! !


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