Sunday, August 25, 2013

lil flakes (snowfall #5)

 Started stitching the models for Lil Flakes (Snowfall #5) I finished the first one last night. 

They are little buggers, finishing up right around 40w x 40h, which translates to 3" x 3" when stitched over two threads on 28ct. jobelan. The fabric I used is a yummy new color from Wichelt Imports, Cornflower. 

This group are a little different than the other Lil Flakes I have done in the past. They're a little cleaner, a little more detail packed into the tiny space they occupy. I felt the need to freshen them up a bit so that these did not feel like the same old same old.

Going to settle in with coffee and QSnaps shortly to start work on the next.  Golden Girl reruns playing in the background and no place to be today other than a creative zone of my choosing, and I think today it'll be 'stitch til your fingertips go numb'.

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