Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking under the sofa for July...

...because I am thinking the dust bunnies that reside under there have eaten all of the month.

What have I gotten done? Well...nothing. Really.

Sad, yes.

But I hope to rectify that in August. Honest. Already have the plans written out (yeah, yeah, I know, always looks better on paper).

Just wanted to post quick to let you all know that I've not been tied up with my own string or anything. Just seriously busy with kid stuff and family stuff and I haven't even had enough time to play Bubble Witch. So yes, it has been insane around these parts.

And I'm thinking a nap with the dust bunnies today sounds nice.

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  1. ah-HA! So *that's* WHY my GUYS look so fat and FLUFFY!! -- The Temporal-Dialation-Diet!!
    ..sneaky little beggars...


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