Thursday, February 7, 2013


Home from the family trip to Las Vegas! What fun we had. I am so very proud of my little brother who received his Chief Master Sargent stripe for the US Air Force. 

I've come home pumped up and excited to do a bunch of new things. New designs rattling around in my head, a series children's books that I want to write and illustrate. 

Just lots and lots o'crazy'creatin'

Finishing up Kaleidoscope, hoping to see it done over the weekend. Finished charting another Whiskerkins design. I'm really kind of crazy about this one. Love the others, too, but this one kind of makes me giggle a little.

I've also been encouraged to start a series of designs based on the Celtic Tree Calendar. I started sketching and plan on having all of those designs charted before I actually start stitching any of them, as I really want a find a cohesiveness with them so that they can be looked at as one project.

Let's see, what else...

Oh, I have *got* to finish the quilt for Irish Quilting Magazine. That's in the que for projects to complete in the next month as well. 

That and 'stay sane.'

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  1. So. THAT's where You've been!! ;-]

    Anyway, GLAD You're BACK! And, CONGRATS to Your Baby-Bro!!


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