Sunday, February 17, 2013

sunday discovery: popeye the sailor man

image from Popeye Wiki

Today I discovered a very interesting article about Popeye The Sailorman. 

How he originated, the cool words that the comic gave the English language. Did you know his first appearance was in a Betty Boop film? Or that Mr. Mercer was not the first voice of the sailor? Or that he originally got his strength from rubbing the head of a Whiffle Hen? (what the hell is a whiffle hen?)  Lots of interesting story behind the spinach eating, too! 

Popeye is the only character not in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 

In the original cartoons, Olive Oyl is really kind of a trollop?

So there you have it. Your Sunday Discovery from an animation nerd.

And finished up today, Violet's Kitties, the newest in the Whiskerkins Collection. 

Now off to start Gingham Buds, still hoping to make it out to the woods today, too.


  1. Hate spinach!
    Love your stitches!
    ADORE **POPEYE**!!

    [and their popcorn shrimp...]

    1. Hee! :D I love spinach actually! And I always loved Popeye...although we don't have a Popeyes here, so no popcorn shrimp for me!


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