Saturday, January 5, 2013

dragonfly mandala

Dragonfly wings mesmerize me.  Gossamer, translucent. Delicate. Hidden strength.
Meditative. Here is my interpretation of dragonfly wings and mandalas.

The start of a cross stitched version of the above.  
Watercolor and colored pencils, 
scanned and brought into Corel, manipulated with the kaleidoscope effect.  

Day 2/365 Dragonfly Days


With some time to do a bit more this morning, I think I'll go put on some tea and settle in to finish up Honey, the next in the SnowAngelz Collection.  Backstitching left, and then she'll be ready to go.  As to what I want to do next?  I'm finding myself drawn to delicate things again.  Not sure where to go with that. Maybe the start of a spring themed collection.   I am also revisiting the idea of making my own embellishments for designs.  Will see where that one goes.  Time to play!

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