Sunday, August 5, 2012

dyeing, round 2, and a bit of sparkly stitching

I was really tickled with how the thrift store scarf took the silk tie dyes. However, there were a few spots where the tie pieces shifted, and the transfer didn't cover quite like I wanted it. The drift of my eye was broken up by spots where no transfer had occurred at all, or it was very washed out which isn't a horrible thing really. Problem was, there was too much of the watercolory thing in a few spots.  So I went for round two.

Very happy with the results. The ties I used for the second transfer really took well to the scarf.  The coverage is much better, and the scarf overall has taken on a darker lavender. I had thought to put this one in the shop, but have since decided to keep it for myself.  I've become rather partial to scarves, and I've a nice collection started.

And of course there was Sunday morning stitching to be had. I am making progress on the first of the SnowAngelz Collection. It's a beautiful day, finally a break in the heat and jello-like humidity. I think I might have to wander out to the deck with coffee and string and work for awhile in some natural sunlight. The herbs are happy as it rained, and they're all smelling delightful after their long awaited bath.

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