Sunday, March 11, 2012

sunday stitches

Today was spent stitching outside on my little deck, enjoying the sunshine and weird warm we're having here in our Minnesota March.  I have been working on my bluebird design, and was able to get a good portion of the bird stitched today.

Spent some time online, digging around for inspiration and direction for a variety of things that are bubbling around in my head as well. One can never have enough images to flip through, and when I go surfing  I always find so many cool places I want to visit, both virtually and physically! (see my blogs & places tabs. Would love you to leave a note to share where your travels take you!)

A project I am working on now is developing adaptive classes for individuals with unique needs who want to learn how to make their own fabric, design their own cross stitch patterns and various other handcrafts. More on that as I go! Now I am just trying to think of a fun name for the classes. Suggestions, anyone?

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  1. Oooo...don't get me started! ;-D


    "Handmade by a Thread"

    ...ah, I have to get back to MY Blog now...


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