Tuesday, January 31, 2012

new designs charted

In between classes today I worked on charting a few more designs to get started on later this week. I had a few snowmen that I had intended to work into a third Snowflakes installment, but after looking at the size of the three I had done, I decided they were too big for that project and would work better for individual Snowballz.  I haven't thought of a name for this little guy yet, and he is another holding garland, but it will be just a winter theme instead of having any holiday *ties*.

I haven't decided yet if I am going to use white snowflakes or some of the multi-colored ones I have...or perhaps silver as I have a TON of those.  The garland string is to be stitched in a Kreinik holographic silver #4 braid, so the silver flakes might really be fun.

Also finished today (at least where charting is concerned!) the third in the tree series. I haven't named it yet, and I might do a little tweaking yet, but this is where I am at currently with the design.

Still on the fence as to embellishment with this one. I might work in some seed beads. There are some gorgeous mixes out there right now or maybe I will throw in some beads from jewelry that I have broken apart. More on that soon. 

For now, just have to figure out which I want to start on.  I have a few more buttons to make, but then I'll be starting on a larger piece again.  Still working on the new elf as well.

So there's your sneak peak of what should be popping up on the cross stitch front!

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