Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the comfort of books

A trip through the thrift stores today left me returning home with a few new books for my collection. I really need to talk to my brother about building a library on to my house. Or, I can just wait until my son leaves for college and let the books take over his room instead! After all, he won't be moving back home, right?

Beadpoint, Journal Making & Silk Painting

Treasures of Tut, African-American Artists, Van Gogh & How To Draw What You See
I finished one set of the wooden ephemera tiles to my liking, and one larger focal square.  I found some wooden tape measure pieces and wooden puzzle pieces in a shop on Etsy, and they'll be arriving soon. I plan on seeing what I can do with those as well. 

Backstitching my latest design, Garland. I hope to finish it up tonight and have it posted tomorrow!

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  1. I think I might actually have those TUT and VAN GOGH books "buried" in my Library! ...somewhere...


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