Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More needle weaving and a trip to the thrift shop...

I have continued to work on this piece and it is starting to build up a bit. It has been fun so far, and a nice departure from my structured needlework.  Finally, a place to use up so many bits of this and that, fibers that are too small to use in other work but couch nicely in this. More as we go!  

I mad a trip to the thrift shop this morning as well. It was on the way home from the post office after all!
I found a few sweaters to pull apart, some of which were wool and others a blend. I found a few cotton linens as well that will be ripped up for more of the fabric yarn.

Yesterday was spent merging my two Etsy shops. This is something I had thought about doing for some time, but just wasn't sure if I should. After a lot of consideration, I thought it would be easier for people to find my things if they are all in one shop.  fuzzystitches is now the one stop shop for my fabrics and recycled fun.

CM Designs still operates under its own website, 

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