Friday, July 15, 2011

Bringing applique and fabric paints together...

The last handful of days I have been playing with the idea of combining the three things I love doing the most in one piece. Fabric painting, re-purposing fabrics, and needlework. After exploring some medieval work and the motifs within them, I started playing. 

I started with some sketches, and this is the one I finally settled on working from.  I like it so much that I think it will eventually find its way into the cross stitch design pile as well!  With a box full of fabric pieces reclaimed from a sample book (see thrift store find in previous post!) and a scissors, this is the first stage of the work.

The tree will be painted and texture added, as will the leaves to some degree, with stitching using reclaimed needlepoint wool I have collected.  A few more leaves to add, and tomorrow I paint!

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