Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creative 365: Days 91 & 92 Spinning and Stitching and Contemplating

Next week I plan on doing some more fabric painting.  I took a few pictures at Rasmussen Woods earlier this spring and I've finally had some time to sort some of them. They've given me some fresh inspiration. (That and the new jars of paint I recently picked up with a whole lot of juicy greens and bright, fun floral-themed colors!)

I started stitching "Walking the Cat" as well this week. I am having a hard time getting excited about it. I think it is too early to be thinking about end of October designs! Once I get going it will move along as I really do like the design. 

The new website is finished! CM Designs  I am really pleased with how it looks. Far more consistent than the old site, and an easier web address to remember!

And, as expected, more spinning!  

This one is 2-ply, using the same fabric throughout, a heavier cotton that was a table cloth in a pretty buttery yellow with pastel, abstract shapes throughout. I ripped it into strips about 1/2" each and plied those with two different colorful yarns, alternating about every seven yards.  One of the yarns was recycled from a scarf I pulled apart, the other two tangled bunches I rescued from a local thrift shop.  100 yards total of this one!

This one is really unique. There are eight different fabrics in this one, so there are a lot of knots and loose threads tangling throughout. I plied it with a multi-colored yarn that was a wool blend in a scarf. I just love the texture in this one.  85 yards.

I probably won't get to much the rest of the weekend as the family has plans involving lots of food, campfires and miniature golf games. (weather permitting! raining AGAIN)  So I guess my seafood pasta salad creation will have to suffice for Day 93!


  1. the photo of the brook is enchanting. I'm also very impressed with your spinning, but think I have said that before...

  2. I would love to learn the art of fabric painting. Too bad I don't live close to you so I could watch. LOL I am having a hard time stitching a design right now too. It's a summer one but I am in the mood to stitch Halloween.


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