Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creative 365: Days 85 & 86 More spinning

I went rummaging around in the studio for fabric and fibers, looking for the tubs of stuff that I saved knowing one day I would have use for the bits that weren't big enough for anything else! Found them, and this is what I've done with them.

Five recycled cotton fabrics twisted with various fibers, man-made and organic, most also recycled . Spun on a top whoral drop spindle.  
The yarn on the right is also done on a top whoral drop spindle, all recycled cotton fabrics and organic fibers.
 I have also been working diligently on "Pumpkin Stacking" and hope to have it completed over the weekend if not sooner! Right now though, the house is in serious need of groceries.

And coffee!!

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