Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative 365: A Whole Bunch of Days...Um...56, 57 and 58ish

I have been working on many things through this last week, most of which I did not have enough done to make a suitable blog post until now!  Today's adventure was again, fabric painting. This piece was based on the stains left behind on a hunk of cardboard I had used to back a previous painting. It needs more work, but I am really liking the soft and watery effect I've got going so far.

It's worked with DynaFlow paints and fabric crayons.

I also started charting more designs for the 'no backstitching' group of cross stitch.  I am about half-way through stitching the first and hope to have it done after the weekend. I've yet to decide if I'm going to work simple buttons into these as embellishment yet, or if I'm just going to leave them as simple as they are.

And, last but not least, I completed a quirky little patchwork bit of recycled fabric out of the scraps of vintage handkerchiefs I have been using for the hanky flowers.

Finished my college courses and will have my AAS in Graphic Design now. The summer will be spent exploring a whole lot of things before I return to Minnsota State Mankato
 to finish my BFA in Painting and Print Making. 

Then, who knows! 

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