Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creative 365: Day 39 Crochet Baby Doll Blankie & Pillow

I miss the days of playing with dolls. Some of the very first things I ever made were Barbie Doll clothing and clothing for my other bigger dolls, both sewn and crochet. They were handed down and eventually lost somewhere out there. Funny what you wish you still had once you are old enough to appreciate it!

I have a lot of scrap yarn, and I love making granny squares. This is my first baby doll blanket and pillow using all of those odd little balls of yarn! The blanket is about 20x20 inches square, and the pillow is about 4x4 with about an inch of frill around it.

My daughter looked at it and said "the colors just make me so happy!"

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  1. Smiles.....I first started sewing and knitting dolls clothes too. She was an 8" English 'rosebud'. Patterns were sometimes given in 'Womans Weekley' that my aunt used to save for me


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