Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creative 365: Day 22 & 23 Windows and Doors

As my mother recovers from a pretty scary illness, I have not had time obviously to do anything overly creative. I did have a fair number of hours to dig around in search of images, textures, fonts, this that and the other thing to use in future work. I also had time to try and organize the piles of said images, textures, fonts, this that and the other thing while mom slept and the doctors were out. 

For some reason, today I was drawn to windows and doors. I have not really had the time or focus to figure out why I found myself purposely looking for these images, but knowing me, there is a reason and it will probably come to me around 3a.m.

Here are a few of the doors and windows that I tucked into a folder.

I was not suprirsed, I guess, that a lot of the images had broken glass and worn out wooden frames. I find this sort of image to have character, but I have also been sort of...obsessing...lately on broken things, for whatever reason. Maybe because of everything going on with my mother, maybe just because I like old things that some people look at and determine to have no purpose.

We'll see what direction my thoughts take me tomorrow.


  1. Wicked TEXTURE!! Love the Pics!

    Hope your Mom improves! -- Dad has to go for a biopsy next week... I think he's more worried about the price of Hospital PARKING!

    Anyway, HANG in there Hon!!

  2. I also love old windows and know that you are going to see something through the window, or experience a new place through the door..


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