Friday, December 10, 2010

new blooms

Here are some of the new blooms I have been working on and listed on Etsy this afternoon.

The red flowers are made from recycled wool that I took from a jacket and felted. Each is centered with a found button from my collection.

The purple flowers I crocheted with this fun pompom yarn I picked up while shopping with my niece. I centered these with a bunch of different beads, again from my stash. Some recycled from broken jewelry, others I picked up here and there over the years.
The blue blooms, again, recycled wool, this time from a sweater. I cut the flowers, felted them, and then stitched two layers together and centered this group with a metallic-finish button. 

I went today to try and find more goodies at the thrift stores to recycle, up-cycle, de-construct, reconstruct, and all that jazz, but only found a few skeins of yarn to rescue, a handful of silk ties and one small wool sweater that is really iffy in the color department. The blooms might come off really primitive with that one, unless they felt differently then I expect them to! 

Getting ready for another blizzard blast! 

Lots of time to play and create!

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