Sunday, October 31, 2010

Introducing Snowflakes: Drift #1

Finished the first tri-pack of Snowflakes! Each of our little friends finishes under 80x80 stitches. I will be including embellishment packs with each set of patterns, and like I have done in the past, they will all be different. Similar colors, but the buttons will be coming from my collection of rescued and found goodies. The idea being that snowflakes are unique, and so each stitcher's Snowflake piece should be as well! (That and the fact that I feel it important to recycle, re-use and repurpose!)

There are four more "Drifts" sketched and ready for charting, and a spare flake that will be coming as a freebie with Wichelt Imports in January.

I have a few special requests for designs that I will be starting on this week, and then hope to start stitching the next in the Popsicles Collection by mid-week.

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  1. WoW your are one very busy gal. But Keep 'em comin I love every single stitch. Can't wait for the new ones. I just wish I could stitch as fast as you do. LOVE LOVE your ideas.


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