Monday, October 25, 2010

Exploring Artists: Sol LeWitt

I have compiled a list over the years of artists that inspire me and those that I would like to explore further. I think I will try and post something here as attempt to keep everything together instead of bits here and there scribbled in various notebooks and sketch pads. I most likely will always be a scribbler, but this should help to keep me organized, something that I am not!

I am all about color and intrigued shape, and last week I spent some time exploring American artist Sol LeWitt. He was involved in the Conceptual and Minimalist Movements.

(On Top of the Met  image from )

(Whirls and Twirls image from CuratedMag)

Pure colors that seem to come together in something simple, yet the compositions are complex.  I am particularly drawn to his larger structural installations. 

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