Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Meetup: July Goals

Wow, June just seemed to be here one day and gone the next! It occured to me last night that it was time to look to July and what I hope to accomplish in the upcoming month.

First, there is June and my goals  were:
1.Finish three new designs

I finished four. Seasons, Xavier, Yasamine and Zeke

2. Get a fabric line completed and submitted for consideration.

I sent off lines to be considered by two different companies. I am really happy with how they turned out. Hopefully they'll think the same!

3. To continue to find new ways to recycle and work found objects into my work.
I didn't really have designs this month that I could do this, but I was thinking ahead and did find some buttons at the thrift stores for future use. So I suppose I could partially cross this one off!

4. Explore two new blogs.

This was great fun. My 'blogs I follow' list has doubled

5. Finish my TNNA application and submit it for membership.

My membership was approved and I thank Hoffman Distributing, Kreinik Manufacturing and Wichelt Imports for the supporting letters to the TNNA. I will be attending my first show in September and look forward to learning more about the industry and finally meeting some of the people that have been on the other side of the emails and phone calls all these years!

On to July Goals!

Distribute 3 new designs

Sketch out a new line of characters to be charted and started in September.

Increase traffic to my website.


  1. Sounds good. Love to see the new designs up and way to go with getting yourself out there.


  2. Wow Carolyn, great June for you! Fingers crossed on the fabric designs getting picked up! Hope you July is just as fabulous as it looks like your June was!

  3. Congrats on all you got done in June! I hope your fabric designs get accepted. That would be so cool! Happy July-ing!

  4. Sounds like a very productive, busy and satisfying month! I hope your lines are picked up - that would be such a success!

    Oh, and I like your About Me write-up on the right column. Good luck with July!

  5. Wow. You got some amazing things accomplished. Good for you!

  6. Best of luck with your lines being picked up. You have accomplished so much......have a great month

  7. congrats on your June goals, it looks like you were really productive :) good luck in July!


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