Monday, June 14, 2010

Mixed Media Monday Challenge: Vintage Ads and Labels

My piece this week for the MMM Challenge of Vintage Ads and Labels is a small  wall piece of layered fabrics. The starch ad is pinned to the fabric, and the small embellishment is acutally a Singer Sewing Machine tin emblem which unfortunately did not photograph very well!

I've sort of continued on with the organic, heavily textured pieces that I have done the last few weeks with the MMM Challenges.

This was a fun challenge! Thanks, Rosie!

It is another rainy day here in Minnesota, and so I am planning a full afternoon of stitching.  I am almost done with Fall Meditation of the miniature mandala group, and I think this my favorite so far. Might be due to the fact that Fall is my favorite season!


  1. This neat piece jogged my memory, and I remembered my mother making her own starch and adding a touch of "bluing" to make the whites whiter. Thanks for my trip down memory lane!

  2. I love this design!!!!
    I also think your place here is one I am going to follow!
    Your web page and designs are such fun!!!
    I am glad you came by to leave a comment, cause now I know about your art!!!

  3. Enlarged I can see all the details and they are gorgeous! Love this wall art.

  4. Love all the textures ... I bet your walls are just covered in beautiful art!

  5. really like all your stitching mandalas, felting and this mixed media piece is fab

  6. Beautiful fabrics, they work with the vintage ad so well! Lovely piece! ~Sharon

  7. Oooh, another stunning piece, Carolyn! Diane


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