Friday, June 4, 2010

The Meetup: My June Goals

I stumbled upon this wonderful blog and resource to help me stay focused on my creative and business goals after I joined Creative Every Day. 

My June Goals:

To complete and release three new designs.

To finish the first round of the quilt fabric line I have been putzing with for months now.

To continue to find new ways to recycle and work found objects into my work.

To explore at least two new blogs.

To complete my TNNA application and apply for membership.


  1. Great idea - wish I had known you were in Mankato when I visited my son up there! Perhaps I could have met you! I will friend you on FaceBook!

  2. Welcome to The Meetup and good luck in June!

  3. Hi,

    Welcome to the group. Good luck with your June groups.

  4. Hi Caroline,

    Good luck with you goals for June, looking forward to seeing your new designs :)

  5. Welcome to our group! I love your mandalas...good luck this month with getting all your goals done.

  6. Welcome and best of luck with your goals in June. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. Welcome to the Meetup! I've found incredible support amongst these gals! Good luck with your June goals!

  8. Good luck with your June goal !!! Love your blog.


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