Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gem Glass Fabric Design Exploration

I spent the day playing around with a few ideas I have had rattling around in my head for awhile now. I have started exploring fabric design and had been thinking about ways to bring my love for needlework and
cross stitch into it.  I have always loved glass and the way light reflects through it and bounces off of it. The colors of gemstones and crystals have always fascinated me. They, too, have their own special reflective qualities and certain colors next to each other create other colors. I created these in my cross stitch software, removed the grid and took the image into Photoshop to see if the colors translated right.
They look like they have been cross stitched which is what I was trying to accomplish. I am hoping I have the resolution right. I did not want them overly "crisp", but sort of fuzzy around the edges to give a worn, vintage sort of feel. I thought of my Grandma's table cloth or pillow cases when I was creating these.

I came up with four different 'gem glasses', amethyst, jade, sapphire and turquoise.  I have worked them individually for repeat patterns and also did this 8x8 block above that incorporates all four.  I have uploaded them to Spoonflower and will be ordering test swatches to see if they print as I see them in my mind!


  1. You want to design fabric too? Test swatches? What will you do then?

    You BLOW my mind!

    Having been a quilter (for a few years anyway) I could see these fussy-cut into a small quilt with solids surrounding them or make a small patchwork with them incorporated with solids. Is that your thoughts?

    Smiles -Denise

  2. Hello, Denise!

    Yes, am hoping that the skills I have learned in going back to school for my graphic design degree will help me break into some new mediums with my artwork. I have always wanted to design fabric.

    I think your idea for the blocks would be adorable! I am really happy with the way these turned out in paper print. If they translate well to fabric, I might make some coordinating fabrics.

    Thank you for your comments!


I appreciate your comments!