Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Creativity

The semester ended  this last week and now with the summer ahead of me, it has suddenly really hit art is my career.  I have my days open to submerge myself completely in it. There is enough time.

I can no longer shrug and think that if I get, say, two new pieces out in a month it has been a good month. The income from my designing business is more than supplimental now. It quite simply is my income.  This last week was a good one. I completed two new designs and brought my total for the the last four weeks up to five new releases.

What is even more important is that I had fun.  I have often worried that when my designing became my full time career that I would lose some of the joy I feel when creating. Instead I find my spirit renewed and all of those concepts I have put down to paper, partially sketched....all of those photos I have taken with the good intention of 'one day I will do something with these'...all of those things that were started and left to sleep are waking again and clamoring for completion.

And it feels good.

I have set the needle aside this morning and am picking up my camera. Off to talk to trees and bugs and see if any wish to sit for a portrait or two.

And there is a  butterfly bush at the Farmer's Market that tried to follow me home last week that just might find way to sneak into the back of the truck this morning.

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