Monday, May 31, 2010


I finished felting the sweaters that I picked up at the Thrift Shop over the weekend.  It was an adventure for me, as I had never attempted any felting before. I am happy with most of my results, although the purple that I had really hoped would work just never quite turned out how I had hoped it would. The angora content, I think, was too high. All it ended up doing was getting really strung out and clumpy.

The reds turned out the nicest. They were 100% wool. The blue was almost all wool with a small percentage of angora in it. It felted nicely too but has a has some texture to it. The grey really has some texture to it. There was no tag in it so the exact fiber content. I like the feel of it. There isn't very much of it as the sweater was an extra small to begin with, and so it reeeeally shrunk up, but it has an interesting effect.

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