Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Middle of the Week

Taking a break from stitching this morning to knock out a short post and to put up an image of an art quilt I finished.

I am still trying to find a layout I like for the blog. I will eventually make my own background, but for now I am trying to find something that suits me and my artistic style. I could change it a dozen times over and still find something I am not all together liking about it.  I think maybe I should just hold off with any further changes until I am able to make my own.

The challenge for Friday's Illustration challenge is finished, and I hope to get down to the studio tomorrow (if I am able to get my homework done tonight!) and work on the challenge for Mixed Media challenge for Monday.  I know what I would like to do, now it is just finding time to do it!

I am almost done stitching Quinn of the Little Snowballz and am feeling like I need to do something completely off the wall for my next design.  I am envisioning a series of trees based on Celtic Paganism, with the first being the Alder as it fits into the Spring Equinox.  Even if I do not work a cross stitch design with this idea, I think I need to paint or sketch or quilt. It is calling me so strongly that I cannot ignore it.

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