Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December One

I believe there wasn't a November on the calendar this year.

Here I sit looking December 1st directly in the eye and wondering if perhaps the first true month of winter just simply ate the month before it.

I accomplished quite a lot. I have three new designs out and another almost ready for an early December release. Sketches are ready for charting and I have more ideas floating around in my head that are waiting for me to pick up a pen and put them to paper. Once the semester is over, I will have a few more hours in my day to see some of those things done.

I have started some thumbnails for my first Inspiration Challenge. This coming weekend I hope to get down to the studio to dig through scraps and beads and fibers to start laying it out. My daughter always tells me how amazed she is that I have so much stuff but still seem to know where everything is. I hope I am remembering just where that piece of teal gauze is tucked!

Next week I would really like to just sit and color as well. Maybe devote an afternoon to sketchpad and color crayons, or play with some pastels that have been neglected for too long.

I am anxious for the first snowfall. It sits in window wells and frosts the panes and makes time in the studio a very cozy thing.

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