Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Somewhere along the line I inherited the Thanksgiving holiday.

I've got everything cooking that I can have cooking right now, and was able to sneak into the studio for a bit of time with string and beads and secret Christmas gift making while the rest of the family is yet to arrive.

The first scents of roasting duck and turkey are beginning to fill the house, and usually it would compliment the smell of earlier pie baking, but we took a shortcut this year and purchased our pies ready made.

Hazelnut coffee with a splash of cream in hand I head to a big chair to curl into for some stitching. I have renewed my vow to myself to have at least three new designs out a month, and am pleased with my progress so far. The 'busywork' side of the business leaves me without the energy sometimes to stitch, but I am coming at it from a different angle now, looking at my creating as just that. Creating. I should be taking as much pleasure in stitching the models for the new designs as I do in drawing them in the first place, and I find myself returning to that place where I can hole up for hours and just lose myself in a piece.

It isn't work.

And that feels good.

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